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Introversion 49.0: Anti social media

Honestly, how did you feel about Facebook/Instagram going down? Let's get into it... and then some.

Introversion 48.0: Norm Macdonald

This is my loving tribute to the one, the only... Norm Macdonald. Hilarious? Of course... but today I seek to shed a little light on how inspiring Norm was (to me personally) as a genuine creative soul... someone who remained true to his comedic scruples despite many opposing forces throughout his life.

Introversion 47.0: J.R.

Today I am rejoined by my good friend J.R. for a brief episode where we follow-up on the prior Henrik episode, further expounding on the vaccine passport issue and other aspects of pandemic life... and we also touch on Nicki Minaj and some other tidbits.

Introversion 46.0: Henrik Mattsson (The Vaccine Passport Debate)

Quite an IN-DEPTH episode today... as I am re-joined by former guest Henrik Mattsson (a Swedish economist living in Canada who’s a COO for an American company). Unlike last time, we're not on the same page any more as he is PRO vaccine passports and I am of course AGAINST them. Listen in as we both make our cases, and decide for yourself... whether you think vaccine passports are ultimately a GOOD or BAD thing for the world.

Introversion 45.0: Tyler Burgett

A change of pace today... as I interview Tyler Burgett... a fellow ex-Christian with a nuanced (and ever-evolving) world view and passion for finding common ground with others. Yes, not all atheists are militant!

Introversion 44.0: Tommy Danger got COVID?!

Tommy Danger is BACK... and this time, with C0v!d! Let's hear his first-hand account of getting C0v!d... how it all went down, and thoughts/reflections in the aftermath. Also we discuss the various mandates, "my body my choice", relocation plans, and more.

Introversion 43.0: Give and Take

Today let's discuss the GIVE & TAKE selfless/selfish spectrum. Consider your relationships, job, religion, location, hobbies, education and pretty much every aspect of your life... are you putting more into it than you're getting out of it?

Introversion 42.0: Money

Sometimes I wonder what people think about money. And I wonder whether my views on it are anything like what others’ views are on it. I mean obviously there’s a presupposition that we ALL want MORE money, and yet… mo money, mo problems? And this is what I want to get into today… basically how we evaluate money… what it is, and what it means to us. Also... this whole NFT craze... and how it may shape our society moving forward.

Introversion 41.0: Before Sunset

Got emotional watching "Before Sunset" late Wednesday night, so decided to do an impromptu recording with thoughts on the film, but also what led me to want to watch it in the first place. Plus reflections on my romantic history and serious doubts about any romantic future.

Introversion 40.0: Ramblin' man

Yet another ramble sesh that I entered into with no topic or title in mind, so uhh... let's go with RAMBLIN' MAN. Lord I was born this way... tryin' to make a livin' and doin' the best I can.

Introversion 39.0: Irina Chan Rich

Wow, it's an Introversion podcast episode ACTUALLY ABOUT INTROVERSION! Yep, listen in as my guest Irina Chan Rich and I discuss all the nuances of the introverted life.

Introversion 38.0: An episode has no name.

A bit of an experiment this time around... perhaps the first time I've ever recorded/posted an episode without having a title or specific concept for me to focus on. So brace yourself... this one's a pure tangential ramblefest!

Introversion 37.0: Brian R.

Apparently I only have male Korean guests on my podcast in 2021. 🤷🏽‍♂️ My friend Brian is back for a 3rd time on the Introversion podcast as we recap 2020 and discuss how we've transitioned into 2021.

Introversion 36.0: Intentionality

It's the first solo episode of 2021! Yep, it's been a while. The follow-up to "2020: Hindsight" is finally here... where I discuss my theme for 2021 (INTENTIONALITY) and what's been going on since December 2020. Although a lot of the same societal garbage from 2020 has carried over into 2021, my approach has been refreshingly different than last year... and it's largely rooted in this idea of being INTENTIONAL with every little thing you do. Let's get into it...

Introversion 35.0: Tommy Danger

What better way to kick off the return of the Introversion podcast than an interview with my good buddy, fellow podcaster, & recurring guest... Tommy Danger. As usual, we hit a lot of topics.

Introversion 34.0: Hindsight is 2020

After a month+ hiatus, the Introversion Podcast is back! Before we move on to 2021 (in our next episode), let's take a look back at 2020. Missions accomplished. Lessons learned. Certain friendships bolstered. Other friendships demoted. Reflections reflected. Self-love and self-reliance paramount. Let's get into it.

Introversion 33.0: Brian R.

Lots to discuss today (as always). Let's get into it...

Introversion 32.0: Election Week

Election Day turns into Election WEEK. Would you expect any less of 2020? Well... it's all over now. Or is it?

Introversion 31.0: Censorship

I've been censored. And I am clearly not the only one. Things are getting worse & worse as we approach Election day. What am I / what are we going to do about it?

Introversion 30.0: Lydia B.

Today Lydia and I delve into racism, politics, and a little bit about the pandemic as we rapidly approach Election Day. What is the deal with Donald Trump? Is the media biased? (Rhetorical question.) Is there a conciliatory bridge between Left and Right? Will we always be stuck with a two-party system? Is there reason to be optimistic for America’s future? Let’s get into it…

Introversion 29.0: Titanic

Today I pose some poignant questions… Is the ship going down? And if so, what are you going to do about it?

Introversion 28.0: JR

Today JR and I discuss his trolling, life in NYC, what COVID is and what it isn’t, hijacked liberalism, the new book burnings, the controversy curve, trickle down cancel culture, are things going to get better or worse?, 2020: comedic tragedy, tax write-offs, election & post-election predictions, and so much more.

Introversion 27.0: Too much

There’s TOO MUCH happening out there for me to wrap my head around, and also TOO MUCH happening in my own life. Not necessarily all bad things, but just… well… too much of everything. Sorry if I’m all over the place with this episode, but what can I say… this is the state of affairs these days.

Introversion 26.0: Cancer

My mom has been diagnosed with cancer.

Introversion 25.0: Karen

Today I am joined by my best friend from college, Karen… yes, AN ACTUAL PERSON NAMED KAREN. We kick things off by talking about the whole “karen” slur and then graduate to discussing cancel culture, solving (nuanced) problems, strategic naming conventions, the scientific and creative process, intellectual arrogance and “expert culture”, the ramifications of lockdown measures, life in California, future plans, and creativity.

Introversion 24.0: Ryan Dunn

In today’s episode, my long lost friend Ryan Dunn and I discuss fear & vulnerability in interacting with other humans, separating art from the artist, meeting & working with celebrities, the disconnect with your previous life after changing your name, the pandemic, civil war?, and the state of affairs in American politics.

Introversion 23.0: The Last Dance

It's EPISODE #23, so of course I had to create "The Last Dance" episode that I've been mentioning this past month. A good listen, even if you're not a Michael Jordan fan or into basketball at all. Let's discuss the power of memories, how achieving greatness (or anything) in life requires sacrifice, the pros and cons of being competitive, the interplay between sports & politics, and what makes life worth living.

Introversion 22.0: Francis (AKA The Other Guy)

In 2019 I started listening to the Online Friend Simulator podcast (run by Francis — AKA The Other Guy). Today I’m stoked to share my recent conversation with Francis. We delved into a lot, including social media toxicity, friendship, zoom weddings, politics, podcasting, and love in the time of coronavirus.

Introversion 21.0: Christina Weber

In today’s episode, Christina Weber and I delve into the role of Facebook (and social media) in our lives in 2020… and the love/hate relationship between men & women in recent years.

Introversion 20.0: Tommy Danger

Danger's back, and man did we get into it... a massive, throbbing 4 HOURS. Toxic masculinity at its finest!

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